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Antidotes for the Angst, Anxious Feelings, and Fears Writers Face

by Lisa Avnet

One of the most unique features of the Berkshire Writer's Haven is that we focus on supporting the inner writer through our healing arts program.  Writing and publishing your work can trigger many kinds of fears and unpleasant feelings.  Inner voices  can plague us, shutting our creativity and voice down at times.

What if there was a magic wand that one could wave, that swept away the gray cloud of these fears, feelings, negative beliefs, and other obstacles to your creative expression, and replaced them with lasting feelings of peace, well-being, and confidence?  Unfortunately, such a literal magic wand doesn't exist, but hypnosis is the metaphorical magic wand that can provide these benefits, and more.

I like to support such statements about hypnosis with real life examples, and this July 2019 article in Dance Magazine by dancer Crystal Nicholls gave me the perfect springboard.  Crystal was having the kind of emotional turmoil that, untreated, could have wreaked havoc on her performing career.  In desperation, she decided to try hypnosis to address the intense anxiety and other feelings that were plaguing her.  It worked.  I love hypnosis work because the benefits are immediate and concrete. When hypnosis helps us access the healing power of our minds - like magic, lasting change can happen.

In addition to being available to writers on retreat with us, hypnosis sessions are available to the public Monday through Saturday in my Haven office by appointment.  I'm also available for group workshops or talks.  If you'd like to book a session, or find out more, give me (Lisa) a call at 860-985-1682