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Sumer is Icumen In

Summer is here at the Haven and our gardens are in their glory.  Each day brings a new bloom, a new pattern of colors and shapes.  Flower power!  My heart just leaps to see each new blossom, and in the abundant growing season I'm out tending the grounds every morning.  Lots of weeding here!  In addition to the Japanese garden and the other gardens on the grounds, we have two kinds of raspberries, blueberries, currants, blackberries and assorted fruit trees.  No vegetable gardens at present due to a very persistent groundhog family, but we source fresh vegetables from local farms.  There are many special spots where we sit and revel in the beauty of the grounds, and even a small screen house for keeping out the bugs if we feel like writing up in the back.  Sharing the beauty of the property with other writers has been a long term vision of mine and I'm excited to be hosting our first year here at the Haven.  

Here's a fun salute to summer - a song by the Hilliard Ensemble .  The Berkshires in summer are so lush, expansive, vibrant.....inspiring generations of artists, writers and musicians.